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About Costa Rica Sport Fishing

About Costa Rica Sport Fishing

Have you heard about us previously? We are trusted sport fishing agency in Costa Rica. We have our own boats, captains and accommodations. We have years of experience in sport fishing. We offer white glove service at blue collar prices! We have more than 15 years of experience in delivering seamless vacations. with sport fishing. We are located on Playa Herradura, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica: 506 8869 2803
USA: +1-918-520-8614
Website: Costa Rica Sport Fishing

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How does it work?

1. Get a Free, Personalized Quote

What are you interested in? Catching marlin, sailfish, and dorado with your buddies? Surprising your spouse with an anniversary gift? A family treat, with some fly fishing action? Get on a call with one of our fishing experts and we'll provide you with an array of exciting options.

2. Customize Your Itinerary

Get the details right about your itinerary with our experts until you are completely happy with your trip.

3. It's Time to Book...

Once you're satisfied, make the initial payment online and we'll take care of the reservations and other boring stuff. We'll also give you all the guidance and tips to help you pack and prepare for the trip.

4. ... and Say: 'Hello, Costa Rica!'

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation! We'll be taking good care of you the whole time. Meet you at customs, drive you between the destinations, and check in on you to make sure you are having a great time.

What included?

  1. Free round trip airline ticket for every package purchased
  2. 2-3 full days of Sport fishing or day tours (Depend on packages)
  3. Upto 6 days with 5 nights accommodation at the Marriott Los Suenos (Depend on packages)
  4. All private transport included (Air conditioned for specific package)
  5. Great time, Great captain, Great mates
  6. All beers and drinks, Breakfast , Lunch, and snacks. Including dessert made from our professional pastry chef (Custom packages)


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